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Our Services


Management Services

DTS offers home and office maintenance services. The team consists of qualified, trained and well-equipped technicians, electricians, plumbers, carpenters and genset operators who are available round the clock to handle first line maintenance at homes and offices.


Engineering Services

We provide Operation and Maintenance of all the equipments / system under the purview of the contract. These services cover all the electrical or mechanical equipments for common areas at site. These services cover Electrical Systems, Water Supply Systems and HVAC Systems.


Housekeeping Services

The various aspects which come under Housekeeping are glass cleaning, floor cleaning / restoration, shampooing of carpets, etc. It covers all sectors such as malls, offices, call centers, cinemas, industrial units, showrooms and hotels. With a team of experienced professionals and staff, we provide all services using latest technology and systems.


Pest Control

We provide termite control and general pest control services for plant, office campus and building with guarantee according to client requirement or Comprehensive Maintenance Contract (AMC). We ensure to give you completely clean and comfortable premises in a safe, secure and fresh environment.


Horticulture Services

Our horticultural team provides maintenance of the plants and gardens of the property under the guidance of our Horticulturist, who has a sound knowledge in the respective field. Their responsibilities include watering, weeding and mowing regularly along with other services. We also offer gardening and landscaping services.


Security Guards Assistance

We, at DTS, provide round the clock security in malls, multiplex and schools and housing complex through well qualified and experienced staff. The staff will be in full uniforms and with latest equipments. We also provide gun man for security purposes.